10 Health Benefits of Eating Raw Mangoes

10 Health Benefits of Eating Raw Mangoes
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One of the most popular snacks throughout the summertime is raw mango, which brings back memories of our early years as we are sure we all enjoyed this crisp, succulent, and tangy fruit drizzled with salt and chilli powder. You might be shocked to learn that fresh mango juice is a delicious thirst-quencher during this hot season. Raw mangoes are in season during the summer.

Benefits of Raw or Green Mango

Raw mangoes aid to improve blood circulation and avoid dehydration. Immunity is strengthened by vitamin C. Acid reflux and heartburn are relieved by raw mango. Mangoes are essentially belly cleaners.

Below is a list of the sour green mango’s medically confirmed advantages. Look at this!

  • Avoid Acidity 

Raw mangoes are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin A, and amino acids, all of which work to balance the stomach’s acid and lessen acid reflux and indigestion. For prompt relief, try chewing on a slice of raw mango.

  • Encourage Liver Health

Green mangoes assist alleviate liver conditions, thus eating them is good for your liver health. The bile acid output is boosted by the acids in raw fruits, which also help to clear bacterial illnesses from the intestines. By removing toxins from the body, the secretion also promotes the absorption of fat.

  • Enhance Immunity

Together with the other necessary elements, the vitamin C and A in fresh mangoes help strengthen the immune system. You may get the most nutrients out of mangoes by eating them raw, without cooking them.

  • Reduce Digestive Disorders

As pectin, which is abundant in raw mango and is very helpful in treating digestive ailments. Moreover, it works well for treating constipation, indigestion, piles, diarrhoea, and indigestion. For pregnant women, green mangoes are ideal because they reduce morning sickness.

  • Encourage Loss of Weight 

One of the greatest fruits to eat when trying to reduce weight is raw mango. The fresh fruit is lower in calories and sugar and helps to increase metabolism, which helps you burn more calories.

  • Gain Energy

Because eating raw mango gives your body an energy boost that really wakes you up, experts advise doing so after lunch to help combat afternoon lethargy.

  • Increased Heart Health 

Niacin, often known as vitamin B3, is found in green mango and supports cardiovascular health. Niacin reduces the risk of ailments like heart disease, stroke, and heart attacks by lowering blood cholesterol levels.

  • Scurvy may be Treated

Scurvy is a condition brought on by a deficiency in vitamin C and is characterized by bleeding gums, rashes, bruises, weakness, and exhaustion. Raw mangoes or raw mango powder may be able to help, as they are high in vitamin C. Raw mangoes help promote dental hygiene by avoiding foul breath and fighting tooth decay.

  • Prevention Against Sunstroke and Dehydration 

Since they limit the excessive loss of sodium chloride and iron from the body, raw mangoes are the ideal fruit for the summer because they help lessen the effects of extreme heat and avoid dehydration. All you need to do to get relief is cook raw mangoes and combine them with sugar, cumin, and a dash of salt. Moreover, consuming raw mango juice stops excessive sweating from losing too much iron and sodium chloride.

  • In Charge of Dental Health

A raw mango is a potent vegetable that can stop foul breath, cure bleeding gums, and prevent tooth decay. Start eating fresh mango if you want strong, healthy teeth.

Interesting Recipes of Raw or Green Mango

Mangoes, the King of Fruits, are a real treat during the spring and summer. Raw mangoes have nutritional advantages and are adored by both children and adults, whether they are eaten raw with a sprinkle of salt or pepper or made into a salad.
Raw mangoes, sometimes referred to as Kachhi Kairi, are the firmer, greener alternatives to the luscious, ripe ones that are found to be overtaking the market shortly before the mango season. What are you waiting for? Go out and get some green mangoes and make your own delicious and healthy food.

Aam Panna


  • 1 kg green mangoes
  • 3tbsp finely chopped mint leaves 
  • 1 cup granulated jaggery
  • 1 tbsp salt
  • 2 tsp kala namak (black rock salt)
  • 2 tsp roasted and powdered cumin seeds
  • 2 cups of cold water


  • Boil the mangoes after giving them a little roasting over direct fire
  • Remove the skin once it has cooled, then just squeeze the pulp
  • The pulp and the other ingredients should be blended in a blender 
  • Ensure adequate blending to obtain a uniform composition 
  • Pour it into glasses, add some ice, and savour its delectability


In the sweltering heat, aam panna, a delicious and highly nourishing smoothie made from green mangoes, is the perfect thirst-quencher. In addition to being loaded with essential minerals like Vitamin C, it offers a healthier alternative to a conventional bubbly, carbonated drink. While mint leaves are used to cool the body, cumin is believed to aid in digestion.

Final Note

Vitamins C, K, A, B6, and folate are just a few of the many essential vitamins found in green mangoes, and they all provide a plethora of medicinal benefits.Raw mango is frequently advised in Ayurveda for curing digestive problems, fostering healthy vision, and shedding pounds. Srihatech guides you with the aforesaid tips.


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