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Banana: A Superfood for Preventing Your Heartburn

Preventing Heartburn Banana

Do you suffer from acid reflux, which causes a dreadful burning feeling in the morning? Do antacids frequently appear on your work desk? Do you experience throat clearing, especially after a filling or spicy meal? Imagine if you responded positively to one of these queries. In that situation, you likely have acid reflux, a disease in which stomach acid leaks back into the oesophagus, irritating the lining.

Do not worry if you cannot treat it with the tablets you swallow. A fruit can work like magic in such a situation—the unassuming banana. With a pH of 5.6, bananas are an alkaline food that combats heartburn, upper abdominal, and chest burning.

What is heartburn or acid reflux?

On your table, do antacids have a frequent flier account? Do you ever get a severe tummy burning when you first wake up? After eating a filling or hot meal, do you feel anything rising in your neck? If the answers to the questions were yes, you could be experiencing acid reflux. In this circumstance, stomach acid may reflux into the oesophagus, irritating the tube lining. If the over-the-counter medication hasn’t helped, you might think about some straightforward DIY solutions.

Regular heartburn patients are aware of the need to avoid foods that set off acid reflux. As an illustration, certain meals heavy in saturated fat can reduce the tension on the sphincter muscle located on the stomach’s apex. It causes heartburn when not tightly closed, enabling food and stomach acid to backwash into the oesophagus and throat. While keeping acids in check is one strategy to prevent heartburn, another school of thought advocates avoiding extremely acidic meals and blocking the acid before it ever reaches the stomach.

Can the banana help heartburn & acid reflux?

First off, eating bananas strengthens our digestive system. Digestion problems can produce acid reflux symptoms. Indigestion is just a symptom of inadequate digestion. Bloating, belching, and gas are signs of poor digestion that may eventually cause the stomach’s contents to back into the oesophagus. Any measures taken to support intestinal health or to improve the digestive system can help reduce the symptoms of GERD.

In a circumstance like this, the banana could be able to help. Why? The alkaline banana, which has a pH of 5.6, helps to treat heartburn and the burning feeling in the upper stomach. This low-acid fruit can soothe an inflamed oesophagal lining, reducing discomfort for those who suffer from acid reflux. Bananas’ high fibre content can also assist improve your digestive system, which could prevent indigestion. Bananas contain pectin, a soluble fibre that aids in the passage of stomach contents through the digestive system. This two-pronged attack helps the food go along since food that remains will continue to produce acid.

Last but not least, some scientists believe that eating bananas may prevent ulcers. The stomach is lined by a thin mucous membrane called the gastric mucosa. The gastric mucosa aids food digestion and guards the stomach against being digested by its digestive fluids. Bananas include substances that are supposed to thicken and strengthen the stomach mucosa.

Antacid Properties Of Bananas

Banana contains vital nutrients like potassium & proteins

First, bananas are alkaline and contain potassium, lowering gastric acidity. Protein and sulfur are also present. Therefore, it aids in digestion. Additionally, it has protease inhibitors, which aid in clearing the stomach of some harmful germs. Last but not least, it provides a consistent supply of minerals and vitamin B6, all of which help to strengthen the oesophagus.

Alkaline pH of Bananas 

This one is easier to see. Acid reflux can be fought off with a low-acid meal. They work as a natural antacid because their pH ranges from 5 to 5.29, raising the stomach’s contents’ pH, lowering the stomach’s acidity levels, coating the stomach lining, and protecting it from gastric acids.

Banana with Fibre and other benefits

Pectin, a soluble fibre found in bananas, aids in the smooth passage of the stomach’s contents and keeps anything from becoming stuck there. The longer the food particles remain, the more probable they will rot, and the more acid your stomach will create. As a result, the Fibre prevents acid reflux.

A Low-Acid Food

Water has a minimum pH of 7, making it neutral. Everything with a ph value below 7 is acidic, whereas everything above 7 is alkaline. Even minor decreases in pH can be expected to result in a considerable increase in acidity. A pH value of one lower on the pH scale indicates the acidity is 10 times higher. The pH of the stomach should range from 1 to 4. It already contains acid. Gastric acid, which is secreted by the stomach and is essential for breaking down food, lowers the pH of the stomach.

Banana as Prebiotic? Yes!

It’s crucial to have a stomach that works properly and often. Prebiotics, which are present in bananas, aid in fermenting the stomach’s beneficial, healthy, and necessary bacteria. Acid reflux is less likely as a result.

High In Fiber

Bananas’ high fibre content is one method that improves digestion. Pectin, a soluble fibre found in the bananas, helps maintain regularity by moving stomach contents down the digestive tract. Pectin, a soluble fibre found in bananas, aids in the smooth transit of the intestinal contents and keeps nothing from staying on your stomach. The Fibre prevents the reflux of acids. Your gut will continue to produce acid if food remains in your stomach for a long time. Your likelihood of having a reflux episode rises.

The truth is that bananas offer amazing health advantages, and incorporating one every day into your usual diet may strengthen your health in several ways. In addition to being a great aid in digesting, bananas have an alkalizing and natural antacid impact that may help ward against ulcers. Bananas are excellent in cereals, desserts, smoothies, and salads, even though they are typically only peeled and eaten plain. We encourage you to incorporate bananas into your daily diet and to keep an eye out for acid reflux-friendly banana recipes.

You are now equipped with the knowledge necessary to incorporate bananas into your diet. It might be had daily with breakfast or as a snack. If it’s too hot outside and you need a drink, you may also create a smoothie! The appeal of bananas is that they may be consumed at any time, anyplace. They are quite affordable and have essentially no adverse effects. Don’t overeat, though, as you would with any other food.

Add bananas to your regular diet as a natural cure for acid reflux and heartburn. You might have it every day for breakfast or as a snack. You may create a smoothie when it’s too hot outside, and you want something to drink. The convenience of eating bananas anytime, wherever is their appeal. The typical perception of bananas is that they are more alkaline than acidic.

They are a fantastic natural supply of potassium, which is great for your bones and heart in general, as well as fibre and vitamin B6. Bananas, in their raw state, are perhaps the greatest food to eat. You can consume them at any time as a meal or a snack. You may mash them up to replace a fat component in low-acid baking recipes.