7 Health Benefits of Eating Drumsticks – Know More!

eating drumsticks
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The scientific name for drumsticks is Moringa Oleifera. It is a rapidly expanding, drought-tolerant member of the Moringaceae family of plants. It is indigenous to the Indian subcontinent and goes by the names horseradish tree, drumstick tree, ben oil tree, moringa, and benzolive tree.
The drumstick tree’s almost entire body is delicious. They are used in conventional herbal treatments, particularly the pods and leaves. The dietary supplement is available as a powder or capsule. Nonetheless, eating drumsticks in their natural state is always preferable. The leaves often contain high levels of numerous vitamins and minerals.
Nonetheless, pods are a fantastic source of vitamin C. Fresh pods in the amount of 100 grammes provide 157% of our daily needs for vitamin C.
As a result, they might be a great supplement to your diet, particularly if you’re a vegetarian looking to grow muscle. This plant is a good source of nutrients and bioactive plant components. Drumsticks also have antioxidants in them. As a result, you can use them to create a variety of nutritious meals. Also, you can create delectable recipes using the items that are easily accessible. Every region in the nation uses them. Check out a few advantages of eating drumsticks:

Regulates Blood Sugar

Diabetes is frequently the outcome of high blood glucose levels. It is type 2 diabetes mellitus’ essential feature. Over time, having high blood sugar levels can make you more likely to develop heart disease. Thus, it’s crucial to keep your blood sugar levels appropriate. The drumstick plant can help reduce blood glucose levels, according to numerous research. Isothiocyanates, a plant chemical, may be to blame. Drumsticks are a godsend for diabetics since they are known to drastically lower blood sugar spikes. Moreover, it is believed to improve gallbladder function, which helps to reduce blood sugar.

Improves Bone Strength

Drumsticks, as we all know, contain a fair bit of phosphorus, iron, and calcium. According to studies, the nutrients in drumsticks assist build strong bones. They may therefore be advantageous for developing children.
Consuming drumsticks on a regular basis can help older people maintain their bone density. These might stop the signs of osteoporosis. Moreover, drumsticks have anti-inflammatory characteristics that help treat illnesses including arthritis and minor bone fractures.


Our bodies’ reaction to injuries and diseases is inflammation. Chronic inflammation has been linked to a number of disorders, including cancer and heart disease. Drumsticks, however, offer a respectable quantity of antioxidants. Moreover, moringa leaf powder helps lessen inflammation and stop inflammatory diseases.
Drumstick isothiocyanates, according to studies, are anti-inflammatory substances. Yet, the quantity and nature of the combinations they have may affect how much of an impact they have.

Enhances Vision

An abundant source of vitamin A is drumsticks. They thereby support the promotion of eye health. Vitamin A can be used to treat problems like dry eyes and cataracts.
According to numerous studies, these minerals guard against a number of illnesses, especially age-related macular degeneration and vision loss. Moreover, they lessen capillary membrane thickness. They can also aid in preventing ocular problems.

Lowering Cholesterol

Drumstick has a decent quantity of fibre. Fibre removes extra cholesterol from the body, lowering harmful cholesterol. Drumsticks reduce cholesterol levels, according to studies. As a result, they may help in reducing cardiac conditions like atherosclerosis and stroke.

Aids in Lactation and Pregnancy

Drumsticks are a nutrient powerhouse. Vitamins like A, B, C, and K are present in them. Minerals including calcium, magnesium, and iron are also present in them. They are also a fantastic source of protein and nutritional fibre. They all play crucial roles during pregnancy.
You can boost energy and combat morning sickness by include drumsticks in your meals. Constipation, which is prevalent during pregnancy, is eased by the fibre content. Drumsticks’ folate content will also aid in the prevention of congenital defects. Spina bifida is a neurological disorder that affects newborns, and studies indicate that it may help lower the risk. In addition, a mixture of moringa leaf juice is beneficial to new moms since it enhances breast milk secretion.

Has Aphrodisiac Properties

Drumsticks have aphrodisiac effects because of their antioxidant characteristics, which might lessen oxidative stress. They thus lower the body’s overall stress levels. Drumstick antioxidants also increase the release of dopamine. Dopamine improves sexual performance, particularly in men. They might also increase sperm motility and count. To properly understand the mechanism, more research is nonetheless required.

Nutritional Value of Drumstick

Drumsticks contain phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, potassium, and other minerals. 100g of drumsticks could include the following nutrients:

Energy: 64kCal
Protein: 9.4g
Carbohydrates: 8.2g
Vitamin B3 (niacin): 2.2mg
Vitamin C: 51.7mg
Fats: 1.4g
Dietary Fibre: 2.0g
Iron: 4mg
Sodium: 9mg
Potassium: 337mg

How are Drumsticks Eaten?

Consuming drumsticks on a regular basis may enhance blood circulation. Also great are smoothies made with powdered moringa leaves and dried drumstick. Following a workout, incorporate them into your preferred fruit smoothie to let the vegetables do their job.
You can most effectively incorporate this into your diet by putting it in your dal or sambar. It adds a little extra crunch to the curry without changing the flavour. A dry dish can be made using drumstick leaves. The chopped leaves can now be pan-fried in with olive oil and salt to taste.
Use fresh drumstick leaves and pods in your preferred soup to benefit from its benefits. They maintain their effectiveness even when heated or dried.

What Occurs if We Consume a Drumstick Every Day?

Drumsticks may help to lower blood pressure and improve blood flow if you include them in your regular diet. They also cure diabetes, bone issues, and immune system stimulation. Therefore you may eat drumsticks every day and use them in many different ways.

Summing Up

Drumsticks are a vegetable that offer a variety of health benefits and a high level of nutrition. They can be used to treat and prevent a number of diseases. They contain antioxidants and are nutrient-rich. They may therefore aid in the prevention of inflammatory diseases including arthritis and heart disease.
They also protect the body from oxidative stress. They are advantageous to the skin as well. They can also be utilised as food preservatives. Diabetes and bone diseases may both be helped by them.

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