7 Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot

7 Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot
December 19, 2022 0 Comments

Many of us barefoot stroll around our houses. But for several reasons, some people can find it challenging. But did you know that being barefoot has several positive effects on your health? On a general level, the practice may be beneficial. We all went barefoot as children, but as we grew older, we presumably became …

Try Some Easy and Important Regular Exercise for Fitness

regular exercise
December 14, 2022 0 Comments

Exercise is essential for your health. However, we are likely to limit ourselves to one or two types of activity. One, people do what they enjoy and two, what feels most effective. In reality, we should all engage in aerobics, stretching, strength, and balance exercises. Here, we discuss a few easy regular exercise that you …

Why Yoga is a Boon for a Healthy Lifestyle (108 Benefits)

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December 14, 2022 0 Comments

Yoga can be used for two purposes, one is exercise & the other is therapy. Yoga has often been related to a healthy lifestyle. It was referred in ancient writings of Rigveda, Upanishads, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Vaisesika sutra, Bhagavad Gita, Yogācārabhūmi-Śāstra, Pasupatasutra, Yogaśataka, Linga Purana, Brahmasutra, Mālinīvijayottara Tantra, Mrgendratantravrtti, Śaradatilaka, Yogabija. It was …

Garlic And Diabetes: The Amazing Herb for Your Blood Sugar

Health benefits of Garlic
December 1, 2022 0 Comments

The herb with the pearly white bulb is closely related to the onion family. Garlic has played a significant role in our history and culture, from its mythical usage in Egyptian remedies and funeral rituals to its reputedly lethal effects on “Vampires.” The nutritional composition of garlic for diabetes makes it simple to see why …

Importance of Organic Food for a Healthy Lifestyle

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November 28, 2022 0 Comments

Introduction: Always one element should balance in our body, if it increases or decreases leads to illness, that prime element is nothing but “Heat”. We should choose our diet based on our body condition, environment & lifestyle; Whatever you eat should balance the heat in your body to lead a healthy lifestyle.   Nowadays, one …

Cinnamon: Protect from Diabetes & Cholesterol

November 24, 2022 0 Comments

Cinnamon, a popular kitchen spice, was previously used as a form of exchange. The flavour and aroma of the spice make it popular in cuisine, especially in sweet bakes and savoury curries. Cinnamon sticks are acquired from the inner bark of a tiny evergreen tree, which is scraped and dried in the sun until it …

Prostate Care : Risks and Tips for Men

Prostate Cancer
November 14, 2022 0 Comments

Everybody has two kidneys. The kidney’s function is to eliminate waste. It is your body’s method for disposing of waste. Your blood is filtered multiple times each day by the kidneys. Urine is created while the blood is filtered, and it is then temporarily deposited in the urinary bladder. If a man didn’t have a …

Cabbage: An Unknown Savior For Health Issues

Cabbage An Unknown Savior For Your Health Issues
November 14, 2022 0 Comments

The genus brassica, which also comprises kale, broccoli, and cauliflower, includes cabbage. It has extremely few calories and is rich in nutrients. Consuming cabbage has been linked in studies to decrease blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and immune system protection. The SUPERHERO of the leafy vegetables is CABBAGE. It is packed in minerals like calcium, iron, …

8 Amazing Health Benefits & Uses of Black Rice

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November 8, 2022 0 Comments

If you’ve ever eaten black rice, you may appreciate its distinctive purple-black colour, chewy texture, and nutty, slightly sweet flavour. Black rice is tasty and a “superfood” because of its numerous health advantages. Around 10,000 years ago, it started in China and spread to the rest of Asia. Black rice has historically been utilised in …

The Amazing Health Benefits of Neem Leaves

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September 28, 2022 0 Comments

The neem tree is the most adaptable medical tree in the world since it has unique therapeutic characteristics in every area. Despite the fact that the Indian subcontinent has long been aware of the advantages of the neem tree, recent advances in scientific knowledge have made the lowly neem tree a household name. Neem products …